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We want all children at Glade Primary School to develop into confident and competent mathematicians. We provide every child with an accessible mathematics curriculum, which is rich in knowledge and skills.

Teachers deliver engaging lessons that ignite children’s curiosity and prepares them for everyday life. We want all children to leave Glade with a passion for Mathematics, oozing with confidence.

To ensure all our children develop, as a school we ensure we teach in small steps to allow a strong and secure understanding of mathematical concepts that children can confidently reason and problem solve with accordingly. All year groups have a lesson of mathematics every day.

  • Planning

We carry out curriculum planning in mathematics in three phases (long-term, medium-term and short-term). Our LTP details the order in which our units should be taught. Most areas in Mathematics are interlinked, therefore not all areas appear on the LTP; links have been made where possible. Teachers plan their lessons according to the needs of the class and use the White Rose scheme. Teachers consistently use manipulatives and mathematical talk to embed children’s understanding. This ensures that all children get the opportunity to reach their potential.

Children, in Year 3 upwards, are tested weekly on their times tables, appropriate to their learning needs / year group.

  • Daily lessons

Children reflect on their learning from the day before; this is the starting block for new learning. Adults model the learning using a variety of manipulatives and continually ask open questions throughout to embed understanding. Children are exposed to challenges (independent learning tasks) during the lesson: this will vary due to the children’s understanding or the new learning that is taking place. Assessment for learning is continuously used. Adults also model the correct use of mathematical language and encourage pupils to use this throughout every lesson.

  • Resources (including online)

All classes have a maths-working wall for their classroom display. Children and teachers use it as a reference during lessons.

There are a range of resources to support the teaching of maths across the school. All classrooms have a variety of appropriate concrete resources. All children have access to these resources to become fluent in mathematics. All other larger mathematical resources (such as weighing scales, shapes, metre sticks etc.) are available from a central resources room.  

At Glade, children have access to ‘TTRockstars’. Teachers use this resource during school hours to reinforce quick recall of their times tables and children have access at home too. In addition, children have access to Sumdog (in year 1 – 6) software at school and home.

The impact of a high quality curriculum in maths is assessed through summative and formative assessment. We use internal data termly for teachers and leaders to reflect on every pupil. In Years 1-6, children complete end of block tests and termly assessments; these give adults a standardised score. This can support the teacher’s judgement or create a professional discussion, with a member of SLT (senior leadership team), about the child’s needs. Using this data, teachers make amendments to their planning and leaders may plan interventions if accelerated progress is needed. All the above is monitored through lesson observation walks and in pupil progress meetings.

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