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Outdoor Learning

Long term plans (Download)

Outdoor Learning


The positive memories and lasting benefits of outdoor learning opportunities impact academic achievement, new skills, personal and social development, care for the environment, wellbeing and mental health.


At Glade we teach outdoor learning so that children have hands on experiences through which they develop their understanding and application of our school values and successful learning skills. All outdoor learning is planned around the curriculum currently being studied, which gives depth, enrichment and an outdoor perspective for our children. We want children to have the opportunity to be able to explore and learn outside throughout the year, experiencing the seasons and changing nature around them.

We recognise that many of our children do not get the equal opportunities outside school to experience the outdoors and nature. This is why outdoor learning is being promoted as part of our curriculum.



We teach the National Curriculum, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression. Outdoor learning is planned to enrich and enhance the children’s in-school learning experiences.

Children also have opportunities to learn specific outdoor skills which link closely to successful learning/learning to learn. For example, exploring local and school environments and the local flora and fauna; this teaches them respect for the environment, themselves and others; working within safe boundaries which they learn to recognise and manage themselves; self-regulation - all this works supports and promotes the rights of a child.

Outdoor learning takes place on our school grounds as well as local woods and surrounding area.




By the time children leave our school they will:


  • Have enjoyed hands on experiences learning outdoors which will add to their understanding and learning of a wide variety of curriculum areas

  • Have developed imagination and creativity through exploration of the outdoors

  • Have developed resilience through challenging activities and working in all weathers

  • Have developed co-operation skills through teamwork.

  • Have an understanding of nature, the world around us, growing plants and vegetables

  • Have contributed to the development of our school grounds and looking after the world around us

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