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Year 3

Year 3 travel back to the prehistoric period of the ‘Stone Age – Iron Age.’  We learn about who the first Britons were, the role of an archaeologist, how these sources help us to learn about history, explore Stone Age diet, dwellings, cave art, the Bronze Age and Iron Age. To support our learning, we visit Redbridge Museum where we learn about local history during this time period and learn how to start our own fire to cook and keep warm. This is then followed by our Geography topic of ‘Extreme Earth,’ where we look at extreme weathers including volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, combined with exploring ‘The Great Wave,’ by Hokusai. Our PSHE + R lessons will include the theme of disaster relief and carbon footprints. As we are now in Key Stage 2 the children have an opportunity to learn French and also learn how to play the recorder and put on an entertaining pantomime performance!


In the Spring term, we explore why so many people choose to visit the Mediterranean on holiday. In English, we study Planet Omar and look at different themes that this book deals with like bullying, friendship, stereotypes, racism and discrimination. Following on from this, we also host a healthy lunch made by us for our parents to promote good health and well-being, as our focus on Global Citizenship. We also visit a local mandir so that we can reflect on the values and traditions of Hindus.


The Summer term sees us advancing through the years to Ancient Egypt.  A workshop held in school will provide a wealth of practical hands-on experiences. Again, there are ample opportunities for more amazing art work, by creating 3D masks. We end the year with a trip to the Natural History Museum to support our learning on animals including humans.

Long Term Planning :- 

Long Term Plan

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