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At Glade Primary we are lucky to have a piece of woodland and pond area in the school grounds which we use as part of our outdoor curriculum.



At Glade Primary, we learn about being outdoors, how to make fires and shelters, to identify plants and animals, to use our imaginations, to explore and ask questions and to share our thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Children work together or individually on activities that are child-led and intrinsically motivated. By allowing children to take supported risks, our outdoor curriculum helps to develop self-esteem, confidence and resilience. By encouraging children to take part in group sharing, communication is developed and language is shared.

Year 3 children exploring the Jabberwocky, a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll, and creating their own creatures in our school forest.

'The Eco Team have been hard at work.  Why not join them and grow your own vegetable and fruits?  If you have any spare plants, you can donate them to the school vegetable plot.'

Children have been busy in the garden this term! Here are some 'Top Tips' to help you in the garden.


Bean Sprout Salad

Mrs Dhadwal Making Pizza Toast

Our outdoor learning sessions can take place within our forest, pond area, the clearing area, organic garden, quiet area or sensory garden in nearly all but severe weather conditions within the confines of the school grounds. This enables children from Nursery to Year 6 to experience another dimension to their learning. By allowing children to spend significant time being active outdoors, it improves well-being & physical health.

'It's time to reap the rewards.  You can now enjoy some of your hard work in the gardens.'  EAT!!

Can you survive in the wild? For those of you who are fans of Bear Grylls, like outdoor adventures and bush craft, you will know lightning a fire is a key survival skill! Do you think you can do it? This activity needs to be supervised by an adult.

As part of our quest for gold in our learning outside the classroom, children can still use their surroundings (gardens, parks etc) and explore nature. Learn about different species of plants and animals using the wonderful app 'Seek'. Watch and discover.

During this difficult time some children have remained

in school and have been planting vegetables with Mrs Miah


Onions and Sweet Peas


'The new resident of Glade at work, whilst you are all home!' 

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