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During September and October 2020, Y6 pupils at Glade Primary worked with Jonny Walker in weekly poetry sessions in the Glade Primary Forest. They wrote broadly - about nature, about life, about ideas and the future - and they explored the poetry of a diverse range of poets, including Maya Angelou, Michael Rosen, Zaro Weil, Lewis Carroll, Stevie Smith and Yehuda Amichai.


Jonny also led weekly after-school club for Year 6 pupils, using poetry to express feelings and thoughts. The overall aim of the poetry club was to use our beautiful outdoor areas to promote well-being, nurturing pupils to express themselves through poetry.

Glade Primary worked with OtherWise Education in Autumn 2020, and the Year 3 students focused on the seasons, woodland nature writing and the nonsense writing of Lewis Carroll. This project gave us the chance to let the wild out!

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