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Every member of the Glade community has responsibility for ensuring the safety and well being of every child at all times.  The school follows the London Borough of Redbridge guidelines and follows the Redbridge policy.  Staff will receive safeguarding training on a regular basis through annual Level 1 training sessions and regular updates throughout the year. All members of the Safeguarding team will receive regular Level 3 training.  Regular volunteers and visitors will also receive safeguarding training. 

All staff have a duty of care and are expected to be proactive with reporting matters around child protection, including concerns/suspicions around radicalisation, female genital mutilation, and online safety.  If you have a concern about a child or another adult please speak to one of the members of staff of the safeguarding team. 

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Mr Merchant - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs F. Hussain - Deputy Safeguarding Lead and PREVENT Lead / Attendance

Ms. A Hussain - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Early help and LAC Lead

Miss H. Sohail - Safeguarding Support/Attendance and

CME (Children missing in education lead) 

In case of absence of the above, please speak to one of our Phase Leaders; Tracey Miller, Bev Craggs, Louisa Willers or Sumana Jain.

Mr Merchant is our E-Safety Lead.  

Mr Marc Preston is our Chair of Governors and Mr David Hartshorn and Mrs Marisa Penn are our Safeguarding Governors. They can be contacted through the school office.


Useful Websites:

NSPCC - National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 


CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command

Private Tuition 

Redbridge have produced a useful leaflet which will help you if you decide to find a Private Tutor for your child. Please click here to download. 

Safeguarding against Extremism and Radicalisation 

Our policy statement on Safeguarding Students from Extremism and Radicalisation sets out our beliefs, strategies and procedures to protect pupils from being radicalised or exposed to extremism. The school works closely with the LBR Prevent team to provide staff training and make effective referrals.


We monitor and review our security procedures regularly. For the children’s safety, all parents and visitors must report to the office whenever they need to come into school. All visitors must sign in and wear a visitor’s badge. No parent or visitor is allowed to come beyond the inner reception doors without permission. No parent or visitor is allowed to enter any of the other doors into the building which are for pupils and teachers only. All parents/carers are asked to help maintain these security measures for the safety of the children. The safety of all our children is a priority, and both teaching and non-teaching staffs are vigilant about reporting anything of concern. Parents are also asked to be vigilant about reporting anything suspicious within the vicinity of the school. 



We are working hard to ease the congestion around the school, during peak times. We encourage pupils to walk/cycle to school.  We are currently taking part in the Clean Air Project, which looks at air quality around our surrounding roads and what we can do to improve this.  We encourage all children to walk to school and take part in the Redbridge Walk to School programmes which rewards children with stickers and badges.  If this is not possible, please ensure that you do not park on the zig-zag lines at any time!  Anybody parking in this way and/or in an unsafe way will be reported to the Safer Neighbourhood team.  We urge you to not obstruct/block/park in front of our local resident drives/pathways.  It is important that they are respected and we will support their complaints to the police, if needed.  We have a Travel Team which continually work on these issues.  


Please help our children to be safe. 

School policy on smoking 

We have a ‘No Smoking’ policy and this applies to buildings and playgrounds. Parents and other visitors are asked to respect this at all times. 

School policy on mobile phones 

Mobile phones SHOULD NOT be used on the school site.  Staff and visitors are only permitted to use their phone in the Staffroom.


In the interests of health and safety, dogs must not be brought onto the school site. 


Bicycles and scooters

Children may ride their bicycle to school but they must wear a helmet. Bicycles must not be ridden in the playground. Children who come on bikes should walk them round and padlock them in the cycle bays. Children are not allowed to ride scooters or use skates/skateboards in the playground. 

Climbing Frames 

The play equipment is only for the use of our pupils during playtimes and lunchtimes. Every September, we train each class how to use the equipment so that they can exercise and have fun safely. Each class is given timeslots for using the equipment during playtimes and lunchtimes when they are supervised by a staff member. Children are not allowed to go on the equipment before or after school.  We thank you for your support with this. 

Staff safety 

As well as a duty of care to pupils, the school has a duty of care to its staff and will not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour from parents or other visitors. Any member of staff faced with such behaviour has been told not to deal with the person(s) concerned but to seek help from senior staff. Abusive behaviour will result in action being taken, which may include a ban from school premises. 

Childline have developed a special website for Under 12s.  It contains lots of information and advice, as well as games and sources of support.  There is also a feature to have the site read to you and translated into different languages.  Do find some time to explore this very useful resource with your child. 




We’re launching a dedicated helpline for children and young people who have experienced sexual harassment or abuse at school, and for worried adults and professionals that need support and guidance.

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