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Last week, the following children proudly shared their work over some fruit juice and cakes:

Patrick (3A), India (3S), Nawfal (4W) and Musa (4M)

The children shared what they enjoy about school and showed off work in their books that they are most proud of. It was interesting to hear the children’s suggestion on school improvement!


Due to popular demand, we have restarted ‘Afternoon Tea with the Headteacher.’ Last week, Hira (5J), Aarav (5K), Veer (6JM), and Aleeza (6B)  joined Mrs Hussain for some juice and cakes. During the session, they shared what they enjoy learning about and showed Mrs Hussain work that they are proud of in their books. At the end, they each suggested an improvement. Following on from the meeting, we have arranged a meeting with the area manager of ISS, our catering company, our school cook and school councillors to share feedback on school dinners.


13th September- Invited to the first afternoon tea with Mrs Hussain were:

1M- Ismael

2R- Mya

3R- Joe


5J- Ava

6E- Khadija

On 17th September the following children proudly shared their work with

Mrs. Hussain over some fruit juice and cakes:


1S Yusuf, 2Y Aisha

3C Annie 4A Tiahna

5W Renee, 6A Mikaeel


The following children had afternoon tea with Mrs. Hussain on 27th September:

1M Theresa, 2R Zubayr

3R Melina, 4M Tanzim,

5J Riti, 6E Tia 



On 4th October the following children shared their work and discussed what they like about their school:


Leo 1S,  Subhan 2Y, 

Elizabeth 3C, George 4A

Ashvin 5W, Amal 6A


Joining Mrs Hussain for Afternoon Tea on 11th October were:

Olivia 1M, Aiden 2R

Elizabeth 3R, Harsha 4A 

Jaiden 4M, Eva 6E


It was encouraging to see children proudly sharing their work with everyone at the tea. Jaiden said he wants to become a Head teacher when he grows up (so, watch this space!) 


The following children enjoyed afternoon tea with Mrs Hussain on 18th October:


Ellay 1S, Madalina 2Y

Sumaiya 3C, Ahmed 5W

Kenny 5J, Swaathith 6A

The children reflected on their learning and how it linked in with Black History Month. For example, in Year 5 as part of their topic on Space, children have been learning about Mae Jemison, a former NASA astronaut, who was the first black woman to travel in space. Kenny also added how they saw a picture of Mae Jemison on their visit to the Science Museum last week. Swaathith explained that as part of their topic on WW1 in Year 6, they have learnt about Walter Tull, a professional footballer and a soldier during World War 1 who became recognised as the first black officer to lead white British soldiers into battle.


On 7th November the following children shared their work during afternoon tea with Mrs Hussain:

Isabella (1M), Anaaya (2R)

 Gabriela (3R), Gabriela (4M)

Yasin (5J) and Enora (6E)


The children shared work with Mrs Hussain and talked about their favourite lessons at Glade. The work shared varied from designing a 'Jack in the box' in Year 1, to using column method addition in Year 3 to writing letters as a soldier in WW1 in Year 6. It is a delight to see children enjoying their learning and taking pride in their work.


On 8th November Mrs Hussain thoroughly enjoyed afternoon tea with:


Oliver (1S), Noel (2Y) 

Dillon (3C), Dharam (4A)

Zaid (5W) and Isa (6A) 


The boys shared a range of work including handwriting, English and maths. Zaid in Year 5 shared his poster on Mae. C. Jemison. Mrs Hussain was impressed at how well the boys articulated themselves.


On 15th November the following children shared their work with Mrs Hussain during afternoon tea:

Ismael (1M), Ciara (2R)

Priya (3R), Maimuna (4M)

Isher (5J), Zunairah (6E)

They shared a range of work from Art, PE, column subtraction and letter writing. Mrs. Hussain was pleased to see the variety of work and the cross- curricular links in English with other foundation subjects.


On Friday 22nd November, Mrs Hussain had afternoon tea with the following children:

Momina (1S), Adam (2Y)

 Saleha (3C), Abdul (4A)

 Nathan (5W), and Aleem (6A)


The children shared a range of work including  persuasive writing, using descriptions for cross curricular links with History, a 'WANTED' poster for a character in 'Varjakpaw', map work in foundation books and the impact of 'healthy hands' intervention in handwriting books. 


The following children enjoyed Afternoon tea with Mrs Hussain on 29th November:

Aarav (1M), Miza (2R)

Umair (3R), Yunus ( 4M)

Maisha (5J) and Rayhan (6E)



On 13th December, the following children visited Mrs Hussain for a festive afternoon tea:


Yaa (1S), Billy (2Y) 

Mueez (3C), Jumaimah (4A) 

Bilal (5W) and Dayyan (6A)

The children proudly shared their work in their books and confidently spoke about their favourite subjects. It was fascinating to see drawings in sketchbooks, cross curricular work in foundation books and opportunities for children to reflect on giving charity; helping others. Mrs. Hussain was particularly impressed by the presentation and beautiful handwriting in Key Stage 2.  


The following children had the first afternoon tea of 2020 with Mrs Hussain:

Imiyah 1M, Paisley 2R

Vanesa 3R, Mishall 4M

Tedi 5J and Adam 6E


Children shared a range of work from handwriting, English and using column method to solve problems in maths. Children shared what they would like to be when they grow up- apparently, everyone wants to be a Youtuber!


On 16th January, the following children shared their work during afternoon tea with Mrs Hussain:

Ellay 1S, Riya

Harley 3C, Osarhieman

Zakariyyaa 5W and Callumdeep


As always, there was a range of work being shared including poetry, newspaper recount, showing characters thoughts and feelings, estimating answers in maths, Islamic prayer mats crossed stitched linking to the history topic and techniques of drawing in art sketchbooks. As a group children discussed what they love about their school and explored things they would like to improve.


The following children enjoyed afternoon tea with Mrs Hussain on 27th February:


Dayen (1S), Jayden (2Y)

Safaa H (3C), Theo (4A)

Zulekha (5W), Claudia (5W)

and Hanna (6A)


The children shared their work in their foundation subject books, celebrating the cross curricular work they do. They were able to speak confidently about what they learn in individual subjects, for example learning about the Trimurti in Hinduism in RE in Year 3, and Geography and History objectives in the Vikings unit in Year 5. They received a sticker in their books and a special scented Headteacher's award on them! 

It was an extra special afternoon tea as we celebrated two birthdays- we sang 'happy birthday' to Claudia and Zulekha!

20200227_134433 (2).jpg

On 6th March the following children enjoyed afternoon tea whilst sharing their work with Mrs. Hussain:

Ariana (1M), Safwan (2R)

Michelle (3R), Aleena (4M)

Allegra (5J), and Alban (6E)


The children celebrated their favourite pieces of work in their English and foundation books.

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