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Year 5

At the beginning of Year 5 we learn about the wonders of the Ancient Islamic Civilisation as we travel back in time to the year 570 AD and the birth of the Prophet Muhammed. We learn about the importance of Baghdad and find out about the Golden age of Islam. In Science we learn about the wonders of Space and learn why we have day and night and seasons. As part of our topic, we enjoy a visit to The Science Museum to explore the Space gallery.

In Spring, we learn about the Vikings. We enjoy a Vikings day at school to have an opportunity to play the part of a real Viking! In English, we will be reading the book 'There's a boy in the girl's bathroom' by Louis Sachar and exploring the themes that it addresses including friendships and relationships.


Our Summer term topic is the Tudors which sees us finding out about all aspects of the era. We enjoy going a Tudor day at school where we dress up as Tudors and experience life as a Tudor! This will also be reflected in our Art lessons looking at Tudor portraits and P.E. lessons where we will be learning some Tudor dances.


We also enter the world of Shakespeare this term, with a focus on Macbeth. The children enjoy learning about the witches’ prophecies and bring this tragedy to life by participating in a performance based on this powerful tale.

Long Term Planning :- 

Long Term Plan

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