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Year 4

In Year 4 we get off to a fantastic start with some wonderful learning experiences and visits. We will learn about the Ancient Greeks and enjoy an exciting Greek workshop, including sampling some Greek food and enjoying some traditional entertainment.  The English work will focus on a range of magical and mythical texts from ancient and modern-day writers.  These will support our oracy project, ‘The Iliad’.  In Maths we will be looking at consolidating our understanding of known maths facts and a wide range of application strategies and written methods. We will be learning all of our times tables up to 12x12. This term will also give the children the opportunity to learn to swim and improve swimming skills at our local pool.


The Spring term will see us leaping forward in time to the Roman invasions.  We will be looking at different sources of information to find out about Roman Britain and visiting Colchester Castle to learn about the ethnically diverse Roman Empire and changes to Romano- British society. We will continue to develop our love of reading with various fiction and non-fiction texts including ‘Varjak Paw’ by SF Said and Empire’s End by Leila Rashid. In Maths, we will be honing our problem solving abilities and working on division facts.  Our science will be very exciting as we learn all about sound and explore the natural world. 


In the Summer term we start to explore London and all its many wonders. We concentrate on the environment both locally and globally. We will be conducting a range of surveys and field work to help develop the mapping skills previously practised in the autumn and spring. We will be learning about the Anglo Saxons in our history lessons and incorporating an Anglo Saxon Day into our curriculum. Spanish sun will fuel our English lessons as we look at ‘Toro Toro’ by Michael Morpurgo and then, closer to Britain, we will look at the world of Shakespeare with ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’.


We are really looking forward to a fun-packed Year 4 and feel sure the children will enjoy their learning journey.

Long Term Planning :- 

Long Term Planning

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