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Year 6

We will embark on our journey in Year 6 by exploring the Caribbean, inspired by reading ‘Tales from the Caribbean’ by Trish Cooke. This is a cross-curricular unit as we learn about the music (focus on steel pans) and dance styles of this part of the world as well as the geography, history and culture of each of the islands. Our main History focus throughout the Autumn term is World War 1. This will include analysing and performing war poetry, analysing primary and secondary sources to find out about the lives of soldiers in the trenches and exploring different maps to see what Europe and the British Empire looked like during this period. We then move onto exploring social change through the campaigns of the suffragettes and discover how important equality and diversity is to everyday life. This also links in with our RE topic, where we study the teachings of Sikhism and its gurus, accompanied by a visit to the gurdwara. As part of our 'Learning Outside the Classroom' project, we partake in a poetry project, in our very own Glade forest, where we allow nature to inspire us into writing poetry that reflects our true emotions and feelings.


In the Spring term, the experiences of the heroine in Letters from the Light-house will help us to learn more about the journey and lives that different groups of people experienced during World War 2. We further analyse and evaluate various sources in history, which gives us a greater insight into the lives of evacuees and the experiences of those living through the Blitz. To help us empathise with those during the Second World War, we participate in a theatre workshop on the lives of evacuees, recreate recipes of yummy bakes using rationed ingredients, along with some fun with the Lindy Hop dance. Through PSHE, we learn how important it is to stay healthy, where we design and create our own healthy smoothies using renewable energy resources.


To conclude our journey at Glade, the Summer term will be action-packed with lots of revision, the end of Key Stage 2 assessments, a project on coastal lines, plastic and life in the 1960s. This is also combined with transitional work in preparation for secondary school along with lots of learning outside the classroom. We will then celebrate our success with a residential/non-residential trips, sports competitions and art projects, followed by the grand finale - our musical performance!

Medium Term Planning :- 

Autumn Term 2022 


Long Term Planning

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