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Long term plans (Download)

At Glade Primary School, we provide a creative curriculum based around the National Curriculum for History. Through our History Curriculum, we aim to make all children aware of the actions of significant people in history and enable children to know about significant events in British and World history, whilst appreciating how things have changed over time. We want our children to develop a sense of identity, a cultural understanding. This enables our children to learn to value their own and other people’s cultures in modern multicultural Britain. We are passionate about stimulating our children’s interest and understanding about the life of people who lived in the past.

At Glade, we aim to: 

Develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the past, historical events and how these impact on society today.

  • Teach develop a range of deep transferable skills which can be used to promote their social and cultural development.

  • Prepare pupils for life after school and tackle social disadvantage.

  • Inspire our pupils to become inquisitive, resilient, creative, independent and active global citizens with the confidence to use and build on their cultural knowledge, learning and experiences - both inside and beyond the classroom.

  • Design our curriculum that provides our pupils with an extensive knowledge of cultural capital, so that they are also able to learn from others’ cultural capital and history, and have an appreciation of other cultures and the way history weaves itself into current affairs.

  • Promote our curriculum drivers: well-being, creativity and global citizenship.



To support our history learning and the development of disciplinary and subject knowledge, skills are embedded within history lessons and developed throughout their journey of the history curriculum through deeper learning. We regularly review this to ensure that the coverage across the school is relevant to the National Curriculum, representative of our children and that it follows concepts across units. These being: civilisation, empire, legacy, conflict, achievement, migration, lifestyles and locality. Therefore, it is inclusive, diverse, age-appropriate, language-rich and links to the wider curriculum, where possible. From this, we create a long-term plan, which identifies the aspects the pupils will be studying throughout the academic year.
By the end of their primary education, our children will have a chronological understanding of British history from Stone Age to present day and a broad and balanced view of a range of historical figures and events. They will be able to draw comparisons and make connections between different time periods and their own lives through their understanding of world history such as the ancient civilisations and local and national events. In History at our school, we will also give children opportunities to develop their skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis. Practical experiences and immersive lessons extending beyond the classroom, are used to add interest and support substantive and disciplinary knowledge. These sessions will include workshops, museums and other areas of local and national historical interest.
We strive to create a supportive and collaborative ethos for learning by providing investigative learning opportunities. Emphasis is beginning to be placed on analytical thinking which helps children gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.


With the design of our history curriculum, our children at Glade:

  • Develop a strong pupil voice (Article 12 UNCRC) with the ability to articulate their ideas clearly, regardless of background

  • Children leave Glade with a deeper understanding of the world and know the importance of celebrating its diversity.

  • Have a real love for history and a fascination and curiosity about the world around them 

  • Establish connections between themselves and contemporary geographical and environmental issues 

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