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Art at Glade enables students to develop their artistic abilities, nurture their imagination, and instil a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Through a well-designed curriculum, enriching experiences, and inclusive provision, it supports the holistic development of children, fostering their creativity, cultural awareness, and personal growth.


The intent of art education at Glade is to provide an inspiring, and inclusive curriculum that enables every child to develop their artistic abilities, explore their creativity, and develop a deep appreciation for the arts. Glade aims to foster a love for artistic expression, nurture childrens' imagination and critical thinking skills, encourage them to engage with a wide range of art forms with cultural perspectives and promote well-being.


The art curriculum at Glade is well-planned, sequenced, and coherently linked to the National Curriculum. It provides a balanced and broad range of artistic experiences, including but not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles and art history.
Teachers’ guide and support students in their artistic journey, scaffolding learning appropriately to ensure progress. They use a variety of teaching strategies that engage and challenge students, including demonstrations, art analysis, and critique sessions. Teachers encourage children to take risks, experiment, and reflect on their own work, fostering a growth mind set.
Providing children with ample opportunities to engage with the wider artistic community. Visits to art galleries, museums, exhibitions, and workshops are organized, enabling children to encounter diverse art forms and cultures. Collaborative projects with local artists, partnerships with art organizations, and participation in local and national art competitions should also be encouraged to broaden students' experiences and enhance their artistic skills.


At Glade, children will develop a wide range of artistic skills, techniques, and processes, enabling them to express their ideas effectively and confidently in various art forms. They will also acquire a deep understanding of art history by reflecting on artist’s work. Students will have opportunities to explore their creative thinking and develop their imagination. They will learn to generate innovative ideas, take risks, and experiment with different media, fostering their ability to think outside the box.
Our curriculum, supports children in building resilience, perseverance, and self-confidence, by nurturing their artistic talents and providing a safe and inclusive environment. They develop a strong sense of identity and self-expression. Art also empowers children to communicate their thoughts and emotions effectively, contributing to their overall personal, social, and emotional development.
We promote cultural appreciation and global citizenship and help students develop an understanding and respect for diverse art forms, traditions, and cultural perspectives. Students have opportunities to explore artworks from different cultures, challenging stereotypes and promoting tolerance and inclusion.
Children's artistic progress is evident through their improved technical skills, increased creative confidence, and the development of their personal artistic style. The attainment and progress of individuals and groups is regularly monitored, celebrated, and used to inform future planning and provision.

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