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Our computing curriculum is designed to equip children with skills and understanding to live in the ‘Digital Age’.  We endeavour to teach our children to become computer literate and be aware of how to use technology positively to improve our learning and understand how we depend on it in our day to day life.  We aim to create in children enthusiasm and excitement about computing as well as teach them about online safety and building resilience in the fast moving digital world.


We have a discreet timetable for the development of ICT skills and promote the use of creating transferable skills across subjects. Sessions are taught by a specialist teacher in KS2 and all teachers use the National Curriculum and ‘Switched On’ (scheme of work) to support the teaching, planning and assessment across all year groups.  For the teaching of E-safety, we create links in assemblies, through global citizenship themes. Our R.S.H.E curriculum incorporates using the internet positively and safely, embedding the value of respect in online relationships.


The children develop their skills, with the use of laptops and other hardware, such as cameras and iPads.  All classes also have interactive white boards, which enrich and enhance teaching and learning.


ICT starts as early as Nursery and Reception, with learning about everyday technology. Children also have access to a range of technologies such as electronic boards and programmable toys. They also become familiar with some software programmes used in school. Both KS1 and KS2 use the internet to carry out research. KS2 progress to more complex skills such as data analysis, programming and coding. This includes being able to use a variety of computer software and coding programmes with an ongoing emphasis on the importance of Online Safety for all year groups.


The impact of our ICT curriculum will enable our children to leave school as young computer literates and be creative thinkers, particularly in terms of applying ICT to present their work in a range of ways. As well as being able to use the knowledge to select programmes for different purposes, children will become confident with using computational vocabulary in their everyday lives. Through the teaching of internet safety, children will become aware of the risks and consequences involved, and be able to seek support from the appropriate platforms.

Long term plans (Download)
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