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Please use the tabs above to select your year group and download resources for home learning. You will also have access to the class E-Mail address for you to upload your work to.


Episode 38. Ding Dong

KS2 Zoom music class today looked at Jazz music - the history and style which was all within this catchy rap song..
Enjoy learning it!


'Jazz - cool grooves so smooth this style demands chops

Skills on the horns and the keys keep it hot,
Cats banging on the skins and picking on the box,
Improvisation - making music on the spot'

Episode 37. TV Tantrum

British composer Benjamin Britten,  loved writing music.  By the time he was 18 he had written over 700 pieces! 

He wrote the opera 'Peter Grimes' in 1945.  It is about a community struggling to make their living by the sea.  Peter Grimes is a fisherman, but the locals think of him as an outsider and don't trust him. 

'Storm' is one of the most famous pieces of work that Britten wrote - it describes the changing sea from thunderous and raging to more tranquil waters.

Many artists use music to inspire other art forms.  Your challenge is to draw or paint, or write a story or poem, about whatever the music is telling you.  There is no right or wrong, so just let your imagination run free!

I can't wait to see your work.

Mrs R

Episode 36. Down by the Bay

Episode 35. Mango Song

Episode 34. The Shark

Episode 33. Bim Bum

Episode 32. Tony Chestnut

Episode 31. Oh My Aunt Came Back

Episode 30. Little Liza Jane 

Episode 29. Bananas 

Episode 28. Bala - A fun song with actions

Episode 27. Food Feast

Episode 26.

Poppyock Pie conversation rap

Episode 25. 12345!

Episode 24. Animal Warm up

Episode 23. Do re mi fun

Episode 22. Once a man fell in a well using do re mi fa so

Episode 21. Have you ever? Do re mi

Episode 20. Body Percussion

Episode 19. Rain on the green grass do mi so

Episode 18. I left my luggage chant and rhythms

Episode 17. Ta and te-te rhythms and notation

Episode 16. Bluebell song so mi la do

Episode 15. Hot Cross Buns

Episode 14. Fun with the Acapella App

Episode 13. Kye Kye Kule

I am very excited to show you the final cut of Jigsaw’s Big Sing which was released last week.
It features Claudia, Enora, Nala and Noo and Naa!

The song, ‘Together as One’ is a message about bringing everyone together and respecting and celebrating both our similarities and differences, something I think we do very well at Glade Primary School.

Look out for more exciting events on our website.

Episode 12. ALGY MET A BEAR

Easter special 



Welcome to the Jigsaw Big Sing

We are eager to support Jigsaw learning wherever that learning is now happening and to support children, families and schools to come together as one community to appreciate each other and lift spirits.

So, our first Jigsaw song for the Big Sing is ‘Together as One’.

How to take part

Episode 10. Double Double hand game

Episode 9. warm up and stomp

Episode 8. Bickle Bockle Blue Bottle so mi la

Episode 7. Alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic!

Episode 6. Chrome Music Lab & Henry

Episode 5. Rhythm ta and te-te

Episode 4. Apple Tree

Episode 3. Every Little Cell

Episode 2. KS1 Hey Hey Look at Me

Episode 1. KS1 Meet our friends

Ideas for music learning and fun at home


Great websites for creating music

Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.         


The following links are to fun rhythm clips    rhythm clips    rhythm clap along   level 1   rhythms clap along level 2  music rhythm reading  read and play the rhythm   Body beats   Name that note!

Doodle Chaos synchronizes a track ‘line rider’ to track music – great fun to watch. 
Look out for dynamic markings and pitch changes, particularly on ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ composed by Edvard Grieg

BBC bitesize  KS2  KS1
10 pieces listening activities


KS1 have been working with solfage (do re mi etc)  Prodigies Music is both fun and educational J


Have fun!

Mrs Robinson

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