Click on a document below to download it to your computer.


Once your work has been completed save it,  scan it or take a picture and upload it to your teacher using the red 'UPLOAD' button above.

Alternatively you can Email the teachers at 



i.e. JoeBloggs17March20

We would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have emailed us or uploaded your child's completed work and pictures of them completing other activities. It has been great to see that your children are working so hard at home.


Please note if you are uploading the work onto the google drive please ensure your child writes their name on all of the sheets before you scan or take a photo of them, or that you rename all of the documents. We have had several pieces of work uploaded that have no names on and we are unsure who they belong to.


There has been some confusion around the work packs we have set especially since the website has been updated and it is now all in a list called “Week One 23rd - 27th March”. The children are not expected to complete these work packs in one week.


We have suggested to complete 1 page of maths per day and to work through the English at a steady pace. We have not set specific pages per day with the English due to the children having to read two chapters of Matilda and then complete two pages of questions on these chapters, and this may take some children longer than others. The Iron Age project (this is on the website) should not be completed in one day either, please encourage the children to take time to research and complete these tasks. We have also uploaded some Matilda colouring sheets to the website that can be printed and coloured in by the children.


We have not set a time frame on how often you are supposed to upload the children's work, we understand that many of you are still working from home and may not be able to upload daily. Please upload or email across the work (and pictures of your children completing other activities) as frequently as you can.


We hope that you and your families are staying safe and well at home and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

WEEK 1 23rd-27th MARCH
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