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Please use the tabs above to select your year group and download resources for home learning. You will also have access to the class E-Mail address for you to upload your work to.


Dear parents and children,


I hope that you are all well and enjoying your home learning.

Hopefully you are finding the resources on our Wellbeing pages to be of use to you. There are lots of ideas for activities to keep you calm and entertained during the Easter holidays and afterwards too.


I will keep updating this section as I know that your wellbeing is so important at a time line this.


Here are two additional resources that Usha Chudasama our school therapist has sent to us. Click on the links below to take you to Usha’s book and a story read by Usha 


A link to a free book and useful guide for parents which Usha herself has written.


This is a good story to read when children are feeling worried about anything


Missing you all very much!


Stay safe and keep well

Mrs. Jones


Government advice and resources for parents and children

links to mental health and well-being charities and organisations

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