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Weekly Hall of Fame

Admire Ava's amazing comic strip creation depicting a part of the story 'Clockwork'! This is truly a masterpiece!

ava comic.jpg

Presha and Dhruv on their trampoline and doing some gymnastics

Weekly Hall of Fame 9th July

Weekly Hall of Fame 6th July

Anika’s Sound Pattern

Odri has been practising her drawing skills and drawn these lovely pictures.  I really like the one of her Mum hugging the flowers 🌺


Emaad enjoying his homework

Nida has been practising her piano during lock-down, can you guess the tune. 

Leo in 1S is learning to speak Mandarin.  Listen to him sing a song that I am sure we will all recognise. I will be encouraging you to attend choir when we go back to school with your lovely tuneful voice Leo 🙂

This week in school we looked at pointillism in art. Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image.The children created some lovely artwork using this technique.

IMG_0221 (1).JPG

Weekly Hall of Fame

Watch Andrew from 5J practicing one of his pieces for his grade 6 exam. 

Andrew, you are fantastic and an inspiration to our other musicians at Glade.
We feel  certain that you will pass your exam with flying colours. 
Keep up the amazing work 🙂

Weekly Hall of Fame

Listen to Tedi, a brilliant author (in the very near future), reading out her own story entitled 'Home Sweet Haunted Home'.

Sweet Haunted HomeTedi
00:00 / 04:29

Veer in 2R has been inspired by his brother, Sahib, and borrowed his earlier lesson books to teach himself this familiar song.

We are very impressed that you are using all your fingers and are so focused - keep it up Veer! 

Khloe - 5W -Creative Writing -  Sir Ironsoul Instructions

Aarav has made a wonderful podcast/video about his and others lockdown experience.

'How Life Has Changed'


Nikan in Year 6 has followed the art tutorial on our art 

page and drawn this amazing picture.

Click here to watch the tutorial

Ellay (1S)  clearly has been putting lots of practice in on the piano  - keep the good work up!

Hall of Fame - Summer Week 6 - 25th May

Our first podcast...Tedi in 5J wrote a brilliant story based on the Japanese festival of Kodomo-No-Hi and read it out beautifully, recording it for others to hear.

Listen to her reading with great expression...she really gets into role!

Tedi PodcastTedi - 5Jain
00:00 / 02:14

Thank you Ava and Annie for sharing your lovely performance of Merrily We Roll Along.

Definitely worthy of an orange belt!

Hall of Fame - Summer Week 5 - 18th May

Jessica Drumming Skills

Darija Body Percussion

Enora, Nala and Alisha have been exploring Chrome Music Lab and creating their own music. You can see the connection to art and maths from the visual representation – and it sounds fabulous! Well done girls.
Chrome Music Lab have various experiments including sound waves, melody maker and chords.  You do not need an account, just open on ‘Chrome Music Lab’ and start playing!

Enora and Nala joining Mrs Robinson in her '123' round in episode 14.

Thank you for sending this in!

 We would love to see what other children are doing too, so please send clips that we can share on here.

Summer Week 3 - 4th May Hall of Fame

At our KS1 Zoom music session on Tuesday, Aarav in 1M wowed us with his wonderful piano playing.  Keep up the good work Aarav!

Thank you Alex (4M) for sending this is.  Great to see you are keeping up the cello practice,  I can see real improvement!

Summer Week 3 - 4th May Hall of Fame

Jessica Mixing Colours

Aden designs and builds a working model of a bridge

Summer Week 2 Hall of Fame

Summer Week 1 Hall of Fame

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