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The implementation of DT at Glade results in developing confident, well-rounded children. To make a positive impact on the world through innovative, sustainable, and thoughtful designs.


The intent of Design and Technology (DT) at Glade is to provide a rich curriculum that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to design, make, and evaluate a range of creative and innovative products. We aim to develop problem-solving skills, fostering creativity, nurturing a deep appreciation for the iterative design process, and promoting high levels of craftsmanship. DT is designed to enable all children to become resourceful, resilient, and reflective learners, empowering them to make a positive impact on the world around them.


The implementation of DT at Glade is driven by a curriculum that ensures coverage of a wide range of design briefs and contexts. There is a clear progression of skills and knowledge, building on prior learning and facilitating deeper understanding. Good teaching and learning experiences are provided, which engage children in a combination of practical, theoretical, and contextual learning opportunities. The curriculum is structured to provide opportunities for cross-curricular links, enabling children to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios. Real-world examples and case studies are integrated to enhance student understanding of the impact of design and technology in everyday life. We encourage students to engage with the wider world and make connections between their learning and future careers. The delivery of DT is student-led, fostering independent thinking, active engagement, and critical analysis. Feedback is timely, specific, and constructive, encouraging children to take ownership of their learning and apply improvements to their work. Differentiation strategies are implemented, ensuring that all children are adequately challenged and supported, regardless of their starting points. The use of appropriate tools, materials, and technologies is promoted throughout the implementation of DT. Children are encouraged to explore a range of resources and techniques, enabling them to bring their ideas to life effectively. Collaborative work is encouraged, promoting communication, and problem-solving skills. Equipment and resources are readily available, and workshops are designed to be safe, organised, and inclusive, allowing children to work with confidence and independence.



The impact of DT at Glade is evidenced through the significant progress made by students in their knowledge, skills, and understanding. Children acquire a wide range of technical skills, complemented by a solid understanding of the design process and the application of relevant knowledge in practical situations. Children apply critical thinking skills to evaluate and reflect on their own work, seeking opportunities for improvement and demonstrating an understanding of iterative design. Their creative thinking abilities are nurtured, which is evident through the numerous innovative and original solutions they implement in response to design briefs. Their work showcases a good level of craftsmanship, indicating an overall sense of pride and ownership in their creations.
Children develop a range of transferable skills, such as problem-solving, collaboration, and effective communication. They are equipped with the resilience and resourcefulness needed to tackle challenges and confidently embrace the design process. As a result, they are well-prepared for further education, future careers, and active participation in society. The impact of DT is not limited to individual children but extends to the wider Glade community. Children showcase their creations through exhibitions, presentations promoting a sense of pride and shared accomplishment.

Long term plans (Download)
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