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YEAR 1 & 2

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I can’t sleep
Something’s not quite right
Three o’clock
Still awake
I need my nightly fright
I need to hear ragged breath (breath in and out audibly*)
Nose-whistling (‘whoosh’)
The scrabbling of uncut claws (rub fingers on thumbs quickly)
I need to hear bed trembles (rumble on knees)
Creaking and scratching (scratch head four times)
Something nibbling at my toes (‘yum, yum’)
The sharpening of claws on the bedpost
The whisper of ‘Are you scared?’
The tap, tap, tap, tap, tapping
Of a long and spiky tail
Green fur, red eyes
Sharp teeth, drool
The one and only Gabe
Furry, fearsome Gabe
No other monster can

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