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Story Time - Key Stage 1

Goose on the Loose
Dora's Eggs
Click Clack Crocodiles Back
Little Rabbit Foo Foo
Eat Up Gemma
A Piece of Cake
I Wish i was a Witch
Scaredy Mouse
There's A Boy Just Like Me
The Smeds and The Smoos
The Day the Crayons Quit
Barry the Fish with Fingers
Wouldn't it be FUNNY if
The Giant Jam Sandwich
The Giraffe who got in a Knot
The Gingerbread Man
Five Minutes Peace
Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Singing Sack
The Three Little Pigs
The Clever Little Jackal by Andrea Florens and Clair Norden.
The Secret in the Garden
Leo reads The Very Noisy Foxes
How The Giraffe Became So Tall
Elmer and The Lost Teddy
by David McKee
The Ninjabread Man
The Ugly Duckling
Brownilocks and the Three Bowls of Cornflakes
The Three Little Pigs and the New Neighbour
Puss in Football Boots
Knock Knock Dinosaur
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